Messages from our clients

Chad, Houston, TX
I just wanted to let you know that I really like the Audi a lot. The ride and look are perfect. And the sound is perfect, a sporty tone but not loud. Thanks again, guys, as always. I am very happy with the work ya'll did.

Chad, Magnolia, TX
Thank you Dana and Sean very much! I can tell my truck handles and feels so much better with the Carli Suspension! Wish I would have come to you first. Oh well, I'm happy I found ya'll. Take care.

Aaron, Conroe, TX
Just wanted to let you guys know the exhaust sounds great! I will come by one day when I have more time. Just been so busy lately. You guys take it easy. Thanks a lot.

J.R., Mt. Enterprise, TX
Just wanted to check and see if ya'll could e-mail me some copies of the 'before' and 'after' pictures of my truck you lifted last week.

I sure have had a LOT of compliments on how well the truck looks. I have been telling them that WPS is the place to go. I have one guy for sure that will be coming to see you soon for a lift.

Anyway, thanks again for all your help and the excellent work. Sean, as soon as I get a chance I will be sending you some copies of my television hunting show.

Thanks for the card. It's truly nice to do business with such great folks. I am trying to send you some more business. I wanted to write to see if the 2 open lug bolt caps have come in. I have been getting so many compliments on my truck with the lift you put on. I can't thank you guys enough!!! I can't wait to get the 'before' pics so I can print them out to show with the 'after' pics you have e-mailed to me.

Jim Terry | President, Road Armor
Really wanted to thank you for the pics of your awesome work! That truck was wrecked bad, and you turned it back into a bad as% rig. Thanks for hanging in there! We will get the pics and your shop on our website.

Jeff, Tulsa, OK
I have a 1998 Buick La Sabra that needs some tires and shocks. I'm planning on returning to Houston this Friday evening after work and will have the car all next week. I want to thank both of you for helping Kyle out on his Chevelle! He is so excited to have it and had only driven it one day before the ignition problem. He says it is doing great and is very appreciative of your help!

Kevin, Houston, TX
Thanks again for checking my suspension. . . . I really appreciate it! Your website is awesome btw, and the videos and pictures are great!

Thank you so much for being so hospitable to Denny and I. We both had a blast and we both enjoyed spending time with you guys. You guys are the best!

Kevin, Jenny, Connor, and Hannah, Houston, TX
We just wanted to thank you again for inviting us to the customer appreciation day. We had a fantastic time and we met some great people. We were very impressed with how well you treat your customers. Woodlands Performance is a class act and you can be sure that I will be part of your loyal customer base.

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    Two Thumbs up!

    "I haven't had this much fun driving since I had and old '75 Corvette in graduate school!"

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    Great work!

    "Thanks for squeezing me in so quickly and taking care of my truck. You guys are great."

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    Best value!

    "I'm very pleased with the ride, look, and the service you provided. I will definitely refer more business your way."

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    Don't look further!

    "I’m so glad I found a shop that truly cares about their customers. Thanks again!"

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    Just remarkable!

    "I appreciate the professional and friendly service. Look forward to continue using ya'll for all my car and truck wants."

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    It's really, really cool

    "My truck rides great! I'm really pleased at how well it rides with the Icon Performance Suspension."