Messages from our clients

Bill S., Spring, TX
Dana: Everything seems to be great on my Jeep and I really appreciate your first-class customer service. I'll be back when I need anything else done and I'll highly recommend too, anyone needing any work done. Thanks again.

David S., The Woodlands, TX
Dana: Thanks again for having Sean and Jeremy deliver the truck to me. The drive is even better with the new Carli components. You guys/gal always do a great job and your advice for parts are spot on! Thank you!

Calvin W., Houston, TX
Jeremy: I wanted to say again how pleased I am with the quality of the work going into the Chevy. I really didn't realize how much it required, but mechanically, it can now match up to almost any 55' I've seen or read about. That is saying a mouthful! John is doing a wonderful job!

Personally, I am bubbling with anticipation...and all my friends are on what I call the Chevy watch. Just waiting on me to come driving down the street in it. They seem to be anticipating even more than me!

Anyway, thanks again for all you guys are doing!

Doug R., The Woodlands, TX
Hi Dana. First of all, the Vette is running great with all of the performance upgrades, and so far I've avoided getting in too much trouble! Hudson and I are planning to come to the car show on Sunday and wanted to see if we could help out with whatever you may need Sunday morning. If so, let me know what time and we will be there to help you with whatever you need. Thanks again for everything.

David G., Houston, TX
Dana: Thanks for the progress update on my truck. Also add $50 to the bill and treat everyone to lunch for me. I really appreciate all the good service and help on all of my trucks!

Take Care and tell Sean and everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

Tony C., The Woodlands, TX
In addition to the great sound and increased performance on my Infinity M37S from the Stillen exhaust system you guys installed, my MPG increased by 1.8. Thanks!

John V., The Woodlands, TX
Dana & Sean: The Tahoe made it to Indiana and back without incident (2500 miles) and glad to have had you guys do the general maintenance on it. The A/C worked better than new ... at times it froze us out! Thanks so much for your efforts.

Chad R., The Woodlands, TX
To everyone at WPS — I'm very thankful for all your help and hard work. It's reassuring to have found a shop that is honest and looks out for what is best for its customers.

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    Two Thumbs up!

    "I haven't had this much fun driving since I had and old '75 Corvette in graduate school!"

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    Great work!

    "Thanks for squeezing me in so quickly and taking care of my truck. You guys are great."

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    Best value!

    "I'm very pleased with the ride, look, and the service you provided. I will definitely refer more business your way."

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    Don't look further!

    "I’m so glad I found a shop that truly cares about their customers. Thanks again!"

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    Just remarkable!

    "I appreciate the professional and friendly service. Look forward to continue using ya'll for all my car and truck wants."

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    It's really, really cool

    "My truck rides great! I'm really pleased at how well it rides with the Icon Performance Suspension."