Messages from our clients

Dave K., Spring, TX (2012 Dodge 2500)
Hey, Dana,
I drove some more and at 35 mph and I would drift off the pavement into a big drop off with potholes and experienced absolutely no pull to the right, and the suspension took the jars and bumps, but I did not need a seat belt for it, as it was actually like normal driving again, and it was pretty impressive!!!
Part 2: So I drove the truck out to cincho ranch on 99 today. I have avoided that drive since Thanksgiving for the obvious reasons. I am completely happy with the Carli suspension, as it handled the dips and bumps like a normal vehicle. My wife Deborah (who would no longer ride in it since the last “death wobble”) gave it a clean bill of health. 👍 So glad I brought my truck to WPS for your Carli recommendation, and to finally drive a stake in the death wobbles heart!!!!! Thanks again for everything.

Lane M., Houston, TX (2017 F150)
Hi, Dana,
I love it the truck, looks great and drives really smooth with the BDS suspension. Everyone stands next to it before school taking pictures. I am very happy with it and so are my parents. I can’t wait to come to the next cars and coffee with Thomas. Thank you so much!

Jennifer J., Zachary, LA (2012 F250)
Hi Dana,
Thanks for following up with me. I took the truck out this afternoon, and it definitely rides smoother which was my first priority. The steering seems quicker and is very easy. Tires ride well with no road noise. All in all seems like it is meeting my expectations. Thank you for putting things together with the Carli Backcountry set up to make this work out. Great service, too!
Part 2: I've put about 400 miles on the truck so far and it is performing flawlessly. The drive home back to Louisiana was a very easy, comfortable ride, and now that I am back home on roads that I'm familiar with, I so appreciate the improvements in ride and handling. Carli did a great job engineering the system, and you guys did a great job on the install. I have already recommended you to some folks over here. Thanks again for the awesome service!

Austin W., Spring, TX (Tire Link)
Everything was amazing! Knowledgeable staff and excellent service! Will have all of my business from here on out!

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    "I haven't had this much fun driving since I had and old '75 Corvette in graduate school!"

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    "Thanks for squeezing me in so quickly and taking care of my truck. You guys are great."

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    Best value!

    "I'm very pleased with the ride, look, and the service you provided. I will definitely refer more business your way."

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    "I’m so glad I found a shop that truly cares about their customers. Thanks again!"

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    Just remarkable!

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    It's really, really cool

    "My truck rides great! I'm really pleased at how well it rides with the Icon Performance Suspension."