Messages from our clients

Ryan M., Houston, TX
Thanks, Dana, the truck was great this weekend … the street ride is excellent! We didn’t do anything too crazy yesterday at the deer lease but I did get a feel for how well the Carli Suspension setup works on bumpy, rutted, muddy roads. The suspension was smooth and the tires hooked up really well. I attached an “after” photo for you. 😊

Thanks again for your great work and an awesome customer experience!

Rene G., Spring, TX
Great customer service. Very knowledgeable. Attention to detail and commitment to excellence. '12 Dodge Challenger

Calvin W., Houston, TX ('55 Chevy Bel Air)
Hi Dana!

I stopped by the Nifty Fifties Car Show this weekend, and she held her own! I was so very proud of her! Needless to say "Woodlands Performance" name was passed around like mustard at a picnic! Expect a few calls, seriously!

Well, that's the update for now. Thanks again for everything!

Calvin W., Houston, TX
Hi Dana!

I just got home! I've been riding and visiting since I left you! I did put in 12 gallons of gas when I left there, and it still says it's full! I've gone about 65 miles! If it keeps that up, I am going to have to make it my primary car! Overall, I am sooo excited and thrilled to be driving her. She feels good, and I am looking for her responsiveness to improve even more.

Thanks for all you've done!

George S., Cypress, TX
Thank you for the email Dana. I just got back from Spring Break trip yesterday and the truck performed beautifully with the Carli suspension. I should have done this a while ago and saved some aggravation!

Once again I would like to thank you for the positive interaction. Your tech talked at length with me on my first cold call and then again when I visited face to face. When one is about to spend the money on an upgraded suspension, it really makes a difference to talk with someone who shows an interest, and secondly one who knows what they are talking about.

Additionally I appreciated your updates on shipping, installation etc.

All in all a very positive experience and I will spread the word.

One of my RV’ing buddies who was with us last week, and owns an F350 showed an interest as he griped about the same issues I had prior to the Carli installation.

I will call next few days to set up the 500 mile checkup. Thank you!

Andy T., The Woodlands, TX
Hi Dana. The BMW is good! I drove it a lot yesterday and it was working great! I will drive it more before I head back to Atlanta but so far it has been fabulous. Thank you!

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