Messages from our clients

Tom P. (2007 Mustang Shelby), Conroe TX.
All’s well with the exhaust system. It sounds great too. Thanks for the excellent work.

Abe C. (2011 F250), Montgomery TX.
Good morning Dana!
Please tell John he dialed the alignment in perfect. Steers perfectly straight. Front end seems really tight after ball joint replacement and no more wheel hop on acceleration. Thanks for y'alls commitment to quality work!

Paul Y. (2015 F350), Houston TX.
Hey there, Dana!
OMG, I took my normal weekend trip up to Groesbeck (40 miles east of Waco) and I was able to compare it to the bumps I’m used to hitting every weekend. What a HELLUVA difference! Freeway bridge expansion joints that used to bounce me out of the seat at 80 mph are hardly even noticed. Truck wasn’t bottoming out like it did for first 100k miles. Should have done this Carli suspension upgrade years ago! I absolutely love it. Thx so much for checking in!

Lance B. (2018 F250), Cypress TX.
Hi, Dana,
I noticed a big difference in overall handling with the new Carli suspension! The body lean / roll has been eliminated and the truck sticks to the road much better. Also, the bumps are noticeably less harsh in the rear end......big improvement there. Thanks again for everything and I will see you at 500 miles. Have a great weekend!

David W. (2012 Chevy 1500), Spring TX.
WOW! What a difference. Big difference in the way the truck rides and drives. All for the better. Thank y’all so much! I didn’t realize how bad the front end was. Shimmy is gone and it just feels so much tighter. Tracks straight, stops straight. The ride to work this morning was awesome. Highway speed it did great. Feels new again. Tell John I said thank you. Thanks again!

Hamzeh N. (2020 Dodge 2500), Sugarland TX.
Good morning Dana,  Thank you for the awesome customer service I haven’t received in forever.

The truck rode much better with the Carli leveling, the alignment is spot on, and everything feels great.

I will most definitely bring the truck by for an annual re-torque and alignment. Regards.

Bill C. (2014 Jeep), The Woodlands TX.
Hi Dana,  I have noticed a big difference in the ride with the new suspension set up on my Jeep. As you pointed out before, it was riding in the axel...very hard. Now it almost floats :). I am very happy.

Thank you for the follow up and the super work.

Morgan F., The Woodlands TX.
I could not recommend WPS enough, and can't thank Dana and John enough for being so flexible and working with my schedule. They're not a business concerned with cheap short-term solutions, and they take the time to go over the specifics of what work they've done and why, how it works, and how it helps me and my vehicle in the long run.

I've brought in my jeep a few times before, but my most recent visit really made an impact. Having ordered replacement wheels and tires from an online provider and needing a general tune-up and brake work, Dana and her staff not only helped coordinate with the tire shop they closely work with, but also took my vehicle in for the swap so all I had to do was pick up the old tires. They were also extremely flexible when my scheduling was tight, and when I had a concern about my brakes the day after getting the car back, they took it in early the next morning and explained everything they were checking for and fixing as I watched them work. After the work was done, Dana continued to keep in contact with me to make sure the jeep is driving well and that I don't have any concerns. The customer service side and care WPS shows its clients is incredible.

In terms of quality of service, I have noticed a huge improvement in ride quality, so much so that it doesn't even feel like the same car. Even the most insignificant issues I'd mentioned to the team were addressed and fixed (like a slight delay in the AC kicking in), and there was never any superfluous work done that my car didn't actually need. I really appreciate the work and care Dana and her team put into my baby, because I'm primarily interested in my jeep's long-term longevity, and it's clear that they know exactly what they're doing and share the same cares. WPS has a very happy client on my end, and I'll come to them first with any work and/or concerns.

Russ H., Conroe, TX.
Good morning, Dana,
Yes, the stabilizer was the missing puzzle piece. The steering is tight, steering wheel is perfectly straight, and it drives straight down the highway if you let go of the wheel. It’s perfect! You and John exceeded my expectations and have made me one very happy customer. Be sure and pass this on to John as well please. Y’all are the suspension Dream Team! I will definitely be back. Thank you so much.

Matt M. (4Runner)
Amazing experience every time I have brought my truck in. Extremely accommodating as far as available windows for work. Extremely communicative during entire process, from planning to execution. Also a big contributor to local car culture, be it classics, performance or off-road.

Raymond & Adria H. (67 Mustang)
Dana and John did a great job trouble shooting my 67 Mustang and upgrading the suspension and exhausts. Thank you for your great communication, quality of work, and integrity.

Leonard M., Spring, TX (2009 Chevy 1500)
Hi, Dana
I just wanted to let you know that I drove the truck A LOT this past weekend, probably close to 300 miles, and I am really happy with the way it rides. My wife and son were able to ride in the truck with me with no suspension issues and that has made me really happy. So I am very pleased with the results and look forward to bringing my truck to your shop for future modifications. Thanks again.

Sam W., Fresno, TX (2017 F250)
Hi, Dana
The truck rides better than I thought it would w/the Carli Backcountry! You don’t even notice the little bumps at all anymore. I am really happy with the ride quality and the quality of work that was done by y’all. The experience was top notch. Also have already recommend you to some other people looking at Carli kits. I need to follow your Facebook page too. See you soon.

Brian A., Alvin, TX (2018 F350)
Hi, Dana
The ride back to the house and to the deer lease was awesome. Beyond pleased on how much smoother it is with the Carli Pintop. Totally different truck. Everything functions like I had hoped it would. Thank you for all the help getting this done the way I wanted. It would have been a nightmare piecing it together by myself. Thank you again, and talk to you soon.

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