Messages from our clients

Travis P., Conroe, TX (2016 F250)
Hi Dana. Thanks again, the truck rides great w/the Carli pintop system. You run a great business and I appreciate it. Also, no rubbing w/the radius arms. So much better ;) Kyle did great work, please let him know.

Bryan M., Cypress, TX (2017 F250 King Ranch)
Hi Dana. The truck rides great with the Carli Commuter. Definitely can feel a difference in the front end. Purposely hit a few bumps on the way home to see how it performed. Looking forward to getting that Carli add a pack put on, and the Carli high mount stabilizer. Thanks for all your help.

Drew, The Woodlands, TX (’66 Mustang)
Hi Dana. You’re welcome for the gift cards, and the Mustang ran great and a definite improvement all around! Looking forward to some enjoyable drives now. I’ll plan to drop in for April’s C&C. Take care.

Jonathan H., Spring, TX (2015 F150)
Dana- Love the work w/the new Bilstein leveling you did on my truck. Give your team a big thank you.

Andy E., The Woodlands, TX (’71 Corvette)
All seems to be wielding well on the Corvette. Thanks for the hard work and grateful for the info!

Mike A., Kingwood, TX (2017 F250 & 2013 F250)
Hi Dana. Both of our trucks are riding awesome w/the new ICON Suspension! We’ll be back in soon for more. Thanks again.

Keith A., Houston, TX
Hi Dana. Love my truck with the new Carli Suspension! It drives very well, quiet, and looks fantastic!! Thank you again, see you in 500 miles.

DeLayne E., The Woodlands, TX (2001 Chrysler Prowler)
Hi Dana. Thanks for checking in & everything seems good. I hope to get it out tomorrow & put some miles on it for sure. Thanks again for all of the TLC you showed her & again, I sincerely appreciate the professional – personal touch you and team deliver.

Marty C., Montgomery, TX
Thanks for the follow-up, Dana. Wow , I was able to really experience my truck on the expressway and what a difference. At high speeds of 85 to100 there was no more vibrations or pulling or jumping around. The truck ran straight and true and felt glued to the pavement quite a difference. Thanks again for your expertise. You guys rock.

Thanks again and best regards.

Dawson, Spring, TX
Hello Dana. Thank you for your help regarding the side steps information. I do appreciate it. I have heard nothing but good things about you guys, so if I need anything in the future I will definitely contact ya’ll.

Michael H., League City, TX (2015 F250)
Hey Dana, The truck is much better with the Carli Suspension. The ride is what I was hoping it would be, smoother and more compliant. I think the look is perfect and fits the size of the truck so much better than stock. This is how this truck should have been built, and I can't wait to get off of the highway with it.

Thanks for the excellent follow-up and service. Before it started raining again last weekend, I did get a couple pics while the truck was clean.

Rene G., Spring, TX (2012 Dodge Challenger)
Great customer service. Very knowledgeable. Attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Eric P., San Antonio, TX (2015 Dodge Challenger RT)
5 Star Rating: Best customer service! This company knows what they are doing.

Laura C., Montgomery, TX
5 Star Rating: We have had suspension work done on two separate autos (Mustang and F350). The quote process was thorough and professional. Auto was dropped off and work was completed per the estimated time schedule.

We are enjoying the improved performance and handling of both vehicles. Super nice people!!! Thank you!!

Delayne E., The Woodlands, TX ('66 AC Cobra Replica)
Hi Dana –
She’s running great and the new MSD spark plug wires seemed to make a really big difference---thanks for checking!

Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you soon.

Brent A., Cypress, TX (2017 F250)
Good morning Dana! The ride with the new Carli Suspension is nice. It handles the harsher bumps/cracks in the road 10x's better than it did stock. The truck drives laser straight and doesn't pull at all. There are absolutely no drive line vibrations, tire shake or unusual sounds. I spent all night looking at wheels, so I'll be back in touch with you guys sooner than later most likely.

I appreciate everything you guys did, it's been one of my best experiences in the 15 years that I've been modifying my vehicles.

Bret C., Conroe, TX (2014 Ford Raptor)
The truck rides and brakes 10X better than before. Much appreciated!!! Always, happy with the work you all do!! Thanks again.

Sam P., Spring, TX
Hi Dana,
Thanks for checking in. Everything has been great so far with the truck. I'll probably stop in later this week. I've only put about 300 miles on the truck in the last month with being on vacation and traveling and such. Here are a few pictures of the truck, but you can definitely take more once I stop in. Cheers.

Ryan M., Houston, TX
Thanks, Dana, the truck was great this weekend … the street ride is excellent! We didn’t do anything too crazy yesterday at the deer lease but I did get a feel for how well the Carli Suspension setup works on bumpy, rutted, muddy roads. The suspension was smooth and the tires hooked up really well. I attached an “after” photo for you. 😊

Thanks again for your great work and an awesome customer experience!

Rene G., Spring, TX
Great customer service. Very knowledgeable. Attention to detail and commitment to excellence. '12 Dodge Challenger

Calvin W., Houston, TX ('55 Chevy Bel Air)
Hi Dana!

I stopped by the Nifty Fifties Car Show this weekend, and she held her own! I was so very proud of her! Needless to say "Woodlands Performance" name was passed around like mustard at a picnic! Expect a few calls, seriously!

Well, that's the update for now. Thanks again for everything!

Calvin W., Houston, TX
Hi Dana!

I just got home! I've been riding and visiting since I left you! I did put in 12 gallons of gas when I left there, and it still says it's full! I've gone about 65 miles! If it keeps that up, I am going to have to make it my primary car! Overall, I am sooo excited and thrilled to be driving her. She feels good, and I am looking for her responsiveness to improve even more.

Thanks for all you've done!

George S., Cypress, TX
Thank you for the email Dana. I just got back from Spring Break trip yesterday and the truck performed beautifully with the Carli suspension. I should have done this a while ago and saved some aggravation!

Once again I would like to thank you and Jeremy for the positive interaction. Jeremy talked at length with me on my first cold call and then again when I visited face to face. When one is about to spend the money on an upgraded suspension, it really makes a difference to talk with someone who shows an interest, and secondly one who knows what they are talking about.

Additionally I appreciated your updates on shipping, installation etc.

All in all a very positive experience and I will spread the word.

One of my RV’ing buddies who was with us last week, and owns an F350 showed an interest as he griped about the same issues I had prior to the Carli installation.

I will call next few days to set up the 500 mile checkup. Thank you!

Andy T., The Woodlands, TX
Hi Dana. The BMW is good! I drove it a lot yesterday and it was working great! I will drive it more before I head back to Atlanta but so far it has been fabulous. Thank you!

Bill S., Spring, TX
Dana: Everything seems to be great on my Jeep and I really appreciate your first-class customer service. I'll be back when I need anything else done and I'll highly recommend too, anyone needing any work done. Thanks again.

David S., The Woodlands, TX
Dana: Thanks again for having Sean and Jeremy deliver the truck to me. The drive is even better with the new Carli components. You guys/gal always do a great job and your advice for parts are spot on! Thank you!

Calvin W., Houston, TX
Jeremy: I wanted to say again how pleased I am with the quality of the work going into the Chevy. I really didn't realize how much it required, but mechanically, it can now match up to almost any 55' I've seen or read about. That is saying a mouthful! John is doing a wonderful job!

Personally, I am bubbling with anticipation...and all my friends are on what I call the Chevy watch. Just waiting on me to come driving down the street in it. They seem to be anticipating even more than me!

Anyway, thanks again for all you guys are doing!

Doug R., The Woodlands, TX
Hi Dana. First of all, the Vette is running great with all of the performance upgrades, and so far I've avoided getting in too much trouble! Hudson and I are planning to come to the car show on Sunday and wanted to see if we could help out with whatever you may need Sunday morning. If so, let me know what time and we will be there to help you with whatever you need. Thanks again for everything.

David G., Houston, TX
Dana: Thanks for the progress update on my truck. Also add $50 to the bill and treat everyone to lunch for me. I really appreciate all the good service and help on all of my trucks!

Take Care and tell Sean and everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

Tony C., The Woodlands, TX
In addition to the great sound and increased performance on my Infinity M37S from the Stillen exhaust system you guys installed, my MPG increased by 1.8. Thanks!

John V., The Woodlands, TX
Dana & Sean: The Tahoe made it to Indiana and back without incident (2500 miles) and glad to have had you guys do the general maintenance on it. The A/C worked better than new ... at times it froze us out! Thanks so much for your efforts.

Chad R., The Woodlands, TX
To everyone at WPS — I'm very thankful for all your help and hard work. It's reassuring to have found a shop that is honest and looks out for what is best for its customers.

Chad, Houston, TX
I just wanted to let you know that I really like the Audi a lot. The ride and look are perfect. And the sound is perfect, a sporty tone but not loud. Thanks again, guys, as always. I am very happy with the work ya'll did.

Chad, Magnolia, TX
Thank you Dana and Sean very much! I can tell my truck handles and feels so much better with the Carli Suspension! Wish I would have come to you first. Oh well, I'm happy I found ya'll. Take care.

Aaron, Conroe, TX
Just wanted to let you guys know the exhaust sounds great! I will come by one day when I have more time. Just been so busy lately. You guys take it easy. Thanks a lot.

J.R., Mt. Enterprise, TX
Just wanted to check and see if ya'll could e-mail me some copies of the 'before' and 'after' pictures of my truck you lifted last week.

I sure have had a LOT of compliments on how well the truck looks. I have been telling them that WPS is the place to go. I have one guy for sure that will be coming to see you soon for a lift.

Anyway, thanks again for all your help and the excellent work. Sean, as soon as I get a chance I will be sending you some copies of my television hunting show.

Thanks for the card. It's truly nice to do business with such great folks. I am trying to send you some more business. I wanted to write to see if the 2 open lug bolt caps have come in. I have been getting so many compliments on my truck with the lift you put on. I can't thank you guys enough!!! I can't wait to get the 'before' pics so I can print them out to show with the 'after' pics you have e-mailed to me.

Jim Terry | President, Road Armor
Really wanted to thank you for the pics of your awesome work! That truck was wrecked bad, and you turned it back into a bad as% rig. Thanks for hanging in there! We will get the pics and your shop on our website.

Jeff, Tulsa, OK
I have a 1998 Buick La Sabra that needs some tires and shocks. I'm planning on returning to Houston this Friday evening after work and will have the car all next week. I want to thank both of you for helping Kyle out on his Chevelle! He is so excited to have it and had only driven it one day before the ignition problem. He says it is doing great and is very appreciative of your help!

Kevin, Houston, TX
Thanks again for checking my suspension. . . . I really appreciate it! Your website is awesome btw, and the videos and pictures are great!

Thank you so much for being so hospitable to Denny and I. We both had a blast and we both enjoyed spending time with you guys. You guys are the best!

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